Women Returning to Work

​​​Recognising that targeted interventions are required for effective transition back to work, NTUC U Women and Family, NTUC LearningHub and NTUC’s e2i (Employment and Employability Institute)​​ started a new career comeback programme in 2021 to help women get back to the workforce with the right mindset, refreshed skills and knowledge while matching them to jobs offered by progressive employers to support their caregiving needs.

The programme will see returners going through four phases and offers three different pathways to prepare for their career comeback: 

  • NTUC LearningHub’s six-month SGUS Programme with a job-matching component ​

  • Career Conversion Programme, otherwise known as train and place programme, which helps learners to be placed in a full-time employment while undergoing training at NTUC LearningHub 

  • Business Adaptive Skills, which is a s​eries of short courses spanning one to three days that focus on in-demand skills such as programming, project management and data analysis ​
LHUB Course Progression.png
LHUB Journey.jpg