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The ‘Better Workplace’ campaign by NTUC U Women and Family aims to recognise and showcase progressive employers who have shown commitment to create better workplaces by providing:

  • Flexible Work Arrangements
  • Work-Life Harmony Practices
  • Managing Workplace Harassment Policy​​

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How To Get Started​

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Adopt the Tripartite Standard on Work-Life Harmony
STEP 2​​
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Implement a Managing Workplace Harassment Policy
Adapt the sample Policy on Managing Workplace Harassment provided by NTUC U Women and Family and communicate the policy to all employees through multiple platforms, such as HR handbooks, notices or posters, and employee briefings.


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Here are some progressive employers who have embarked on the Better Workplace campaign by providing flexible work arrangements, work-life harmony practices, and implemented a managing workplace harassment HR policy!​

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List of progressive companies who qualified for the campaign:​

  • APRW Pte Ltd
  • Ban Choon Marketing Pte Ltd​
  • Bok Seng Logistics Pte Ltd
  • DTC World Corporation Pte Ltd
  • D-Team Engineering Pte Ltd​​​
  • Eligo Pte Ltd
  • Empire Logistics Pte Ltd
  • Eng Lee Logistics Pte Ltd 
  • Grenadier Press Pte Ltd
  • Hebeloft Pte Ltd
  • Kentucky Fried Chicken
  • Manna Pot Catering Pte Ltd
  • Micron 
  • Oriental Remedies Group
  • Pizza ​Hut Singapore Pte Ltd​​
  • Re Sustainability Cleantech Pte Ltd
  • Re Sustainability Solutions Pte Ltd
  • Swift H​ealth Food (Singapore) Pte Ltd
  • Singapore Water Association
  • Training Masters Workforce Institute 
  • Warren Golf and Country Club
  • Wong Fong Academy
  • Xi De Li Pte Ltd

​​10 Companies Sign Commitment with NTUC to Make Workplaces Better

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10 companies from the supply chain and logistics sector signed an MOU with NTUC U Women and Family on 16 August 2022, committing to make their workplaces better and safer for workers, and to redesign jobs to attract more women to the industry.

Leading the charge is Bok Seng Logistics, a branch under Supply Chain Employees' Union – SCEU. Mr Dave Ng, Group CEO, is a strong believer of ensuring the welfare of employees to retaining and motivating them in the company's transformation journey.

When 60-year-old Anada Kumar was diagnosed with cancer in early 2019, he was surprised at how much his company of almost 20 years cared for his welfare and well-being.

While on a two-month hospitalisation leave following surgery, he received frequent calls from his company, Bok Seng Logistics, asking how he was recuperating. His colleagues from the human resources department also came to visit him at home.

What Mr Kumar appreciated the most was when the company allowed him to work from home after he ended his leave.

Working from home allowed him to limit his overall movement and journey to work, which enabled him to recover better. Bok Seng Logistics leads the way by putting in place the arrangement even before working from home was the norm during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Click HERE to read the Media Release for more information!

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